Annual Show | The Wonderful Wizard of OZ

 Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high
There's a land that I heard of
Once in a lullaby
Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true


Last week, the annual drama show of the Tongwen Divsion, The Wizard of OZ, was officially performed, and the children performed in English. The grand auditorium was packed. The teachers, students, and parents enjoyed the show together.

 The beautiful stage 

Magical changing lights
Vivid performances
 Wonderful plots

Fascinating scenes

Every detail was impressive
The children were fluent

 in English
 And reshaped each role

 Teachers and parents

 Can't help but praise them.

"Wizard of Oz" is the story of Dorothy Gale and dog, Toto, who are caught in a tornado which hits their Kansas farm. The two of them travel to the magical world of Oz where she has adventures with Glinda the Good Witch, a Scarecrow, a Tin Man, a Cowardly Lion, the Wicked Witch of the West and the great and powerful Wizard of Oz. Oz is also a fantastic place populated by little people called Munchkins, talking Crows, and mischievous Poppies.

The opening theme song was full of hope and strength, with all the audience to open this wonderful magic journey.

Joaquina,a cute girl in G10 from Hong Kong, played Dorothy who left her family with Toto to protect her dog Toto. The unexpected tornado took them to another magical country and they began an adventure. Joaquina fully showed Dorothy's kindness, purity, strength, and courage.

“It was  my first time to  play such an important role. It was very challenging. Our performance team is a family, everyone together to complete a dream. At the end of the show, we can not help but cry. From rehearsal to performance, we have experienced a lot together and we have grown together."”


The dog Toto was originally a real dog in the movie, and there was no line. Joy, a lovely G8 student who played Toto proposed to add words to Toto to make the dog's image more vivid. Toto on the stage was smart, lively, and it was  unforgettable.

“For me, imitating dog barking was difficult and I practiced for a long time before the show. I added a lot of words to Toto so that Toto could show itself more. Last year, I played as a reporter in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". I feel that I have made progress this year.


Jenny, a G10 student who played Auntie Em, is a quiet and gentle girl in real life, however, she showed the viciousness of Emma on the stage .

 “In fact, I'm quite different from the role I played. But I tried to figure out the characteristics of the character in the drama.                                                                                                      —— Jenny 

Uncle Henry was played by a G10 student Jack  also played a flying monkey and the guard. The humorous Jack transformed between different characters.

“ Playing three roles was a  challenge indeed. Sometimes when the previous character was just finished, it was necessary to change clothes quickly in the background and  adjusted the state to the next character. ”


Louis, from G8, became popular because of the faint lion. He showed the character vividly and timidly, so that his friends called him "Cowardly Lion." In the musical of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" last year,  Louis used to play the role of Charlie, a very different role, showing his different characteristics.

“Charlie, I played last year, was rather dull and had a deeper heart. The role of the lion was so unrestrained that I could release myself and brought a completely different experience.”


Sharon, a girl from G10 played the smart and cute Scarecrow. She was always able to find the best solution at a critical moment.

“The Scarecrow was a very friendly, enthusiastic and intelligent person. Every time she encountered difficulties, she could find the easiest and most effective way to help solve problems.”

—— Sharon

Mark, from G7,played Professor Marvel and Wizard Of O. He added some new elements to the original character.

“In fact, we would like to especially thank the teachers Mr. Damian and Ms. Ashley who were responsible for the props. They worked very hard and were busy during the whole performance. In one scene, the power supply was not connected, and Damian instantly rushed to the stage with a gliding motion and connected the power supply.”

—— Mark

The good witch Glinda, was played by Margeret from G10, She was kind and warm, helping Dorothy and her friends realize their dreams.

“For me, the live performance was a challenge. One time I forgot to bring my wand. Therefore, I temporarily used gestures. Occasionally I forget the lines, I needed to change lines at that time.”

—— Sharon

The drama teacher Ms. Diane played the evil witch. With vivid facial expressions, varied movements, and devilish voices, Diane brought the audience into a magical world, as if she was the hateful bad witch.

“Ms. Diane worked very hard in the rehearsal and the performance of the show. She played an important role while guiding us to perform. She helped us make great progress.”

——Student actor

Playing as a Narrator, the library teacher Ms. Vivian connected the whole drama in tandem.  She  told the story vividly, brought the audience into the fantasy world of fairy tales.

 The main actors of the show included students of G7, G8, G10, and G11. Some students used to have no experience in theatrical performances, and their spoken English was also needed to be promoted, which brought great challenges to the performance. Our two drama teachers, Ms. Pamela and Ms. Diane, did their best to develop students' interest and hobbies in drama and improve their oral English.

After adjusting the script, Ms. Pamela asked me to serve as a Chinese narrator, in order to let the audience understand the story better.

The rehearsals were all carried out in spare time, and both teachers and students invested a lot of efforts.

The design of the drama is very delicate and special. Dance run through it, and students in G1~3, G7~8, and G10 were involved. Some students played several roles and changed between different roles.

Children of different ages and different levels of English could enjoy happiness in the drama.


As the general director and drama teacher, from November last year until now, during months of preparation, rehearsal, and performance, Ms. Pamela coordinated the teachers and students, built a stage for students to cultivate their interests and enhance their abilities.

 “As teacher-director, I adapted the Wizard of Oz specifically to our students.  They need to be challenged theatrically but I needed to be mindful of their challenges with English as a Second Language. Our bilingual teachers translated the narration into Chinese for the community.  During the rehearsal process, these young actors have grown phenomenally in their language, creativity and ability to work together as a company.  In total, this International Division production involves 83 performers: actors, dancers, fighters, and musicians.”

—— Pamela

In the annual show, every actor is the protagonist. They re-create each role with their own understanding and creativity. They modifed every detail with a refined attitude. They faced challenges with courage and unity, and gave a perfect ending for the performance.

“In the process of preparing the performance together, we have become a family. Repeated rehearsals, correcting the pronunciation of the spoken language again and again, changing the details again and again… The show ended, but we were reluctant to separate .”

—— Student actor

Drama involves a wide range of fields, music, dance, literature, English, art, lighting, clothing... The children were fully engaged in the study and performance of the drama. Each student’s English language ability and self-confidence had been improved through the meticulous rehearsal during several months.The children's ability to perform, cognize, music, dance had also been exercised, and the spirit of teamwork had been further enhanced. 

It was an amazing cultural feast. The teachers and students of the Tongwen Division had been working hard for several months.The show ended, the children would continue to grow. Let us witness the growth of the children and look forward to the next performance.

演 员 表  CAST

Narrator Francesca Baum ——Vivian Fen

(旁白|弗朗西卡树) (图书馆员)

Dorothy Gale——Joaquina Wilson  


Toto ——Joy Sunhua Chen  


Auntie Em ——Jenny Xinyi Cai  

( 艾姆阿姨) ——(蔡欣怡)

Uncle Henry/Guard/Nikko——Jack Xiang Li 


Zeke/Cowardly Lion——Louis Jianan Bao 


Hickory/Tinman——Chris Zhichao Jiang


Hunk/Scarecrow——Sharon Ziyu Shen

(洪克稻草人)—— (沈子煜)

Miss Almira Gulch/Banjo——Betty Fan Lin


Glinda——Margeret Yuntong Wang


Professor Marvel/Wizard Of Oz——Mark Yangyi Qian (马维尔教授/奥兹的巫师)——(钱杨毅)

Wicked Witch Of The West ——(Dianne Watt)


Concert Band:

ZHANG,YUWEI (Vivi) |张雨薇,LU, Yl (Mike) |陆毅,LAN, XINLING (Daisy) I 蓝欣翔,JEONG, TAEHYUN (Henry) I 郑太现,HUANG, ZHANGCE (Michael)丨黄章策, HONG, XIYAN (Ella) I 洪希研,GUO, XINLEI (Anny)  丨  郭芯蕾,FANG, JUNWEN (Eric) I 方淡文, WANG, Ql (George) I 王琪


CAI, XINYI (Jenny)丨蔡欣怡,CUI, SHUHAN (Martin)丨崔舒焓,CUI,XIAOHAN (BrNlian)丨崔啸涵,DING, WEI (Vicky)丨丁未,HE, FE旧UAN (Jackey)丨何飞寰,HU, ANQI (Angel)丨胡安琪,LI, XIANG (Jack) I 李想,LIANG, KEJIA (Kiki)丨梁珂佳,LIN, LEI (Linda)丨林蕾, LUO, YUYAN (Selena) I 罗雨嫣,SHEN,LINXI (Eris)丨沈霖丨夕,SHEN,ZIYU (Sharon) I 沈子煩, SUN, YINWEI (Bruce)丨孙寅未,WANG, LU (Shea)丨王璐,WANG, YUNTONG (Margeret) I 王允形,Wilson, Joaquina (Joaquina)丨卫传乐,YU,CHENLU (Jasmine)丨余晨露

Flying Monkey Army:

CHEN, SHENGTAO (Johnny) I 陈胜韬,CUI,YINSHOU (Eric) I 崔琅寿, FANG, JUNJIE (Ken)丨方俊杰,PAULA HEIM RIVAS, HU,XIAOMING (Sabrina) I 胡笑鸣,LIU, ZHANGFU (Johnson) I 刘张富,LOU, SENYU (Sunny) I 娄森宇,WANG, Ql (George) I 王琪, WANG, QIXIANG (Ashton)丨王琪翔,XIA,HAIXING (Star) I 夏海星,SHIJIA (Tina) XU I 徐诗佳, ZhMHAO (Jay) LI 丨李智皓,JINGYI (Jenny) TANG I 唐静怡


JIANG, YUANJIAYI (Grace)丨姜嫒佳易,SHANSHAN, TUOHAI (Kevin)丨杉山拓海,SHEN, LINGRUI (Cherry)丨沈凌睿,WANG, JIAHUI (Coco)丨王家晖,WANG, YUMU (Angelina)丨王雨沐,XIE,ZEYANG (Richard)丨谢泽阳,ZHANG, LICHEN (Gavin)丨张力晨,ZHAO, FANYU (Selena)丨赵梵语,ZHENG, XICHUAN (Allan)丨郑熙川, ZHOU, ZIYUAN (Riley)丨周子辕,CHU, XINYUE (Charlotte)丨储欣悦,BALLESTEROS LIEBIG, INES (Ines)丨陶奚绮雯,CHEN, ShHHAN (Ivan) I 陈世涵,GAO, YIJIA (Bella)丨高艺篇, KIM,JUNHEE (Amber) I 金坺熙,LI,Z旧AN (Alice) I 李紫涵,Nl, JIAHUI (Nina)丨倪嘉慧,XIE, HANYU (Alysa)丨谢涵语,XU, YUNQI (Cherry)丨徐韵淇,YANG, QINGRU (Summer)丨杨清茹, ZHOU, HUIXUAN (Elizabeth)丨周慧轩,KIM,AHYEONG (Lauren) I 金娥暎,LI, YUJIA (Nien) I 李雨嘉,LIN, JUNHUI (Jeffery) I 林峻辉,LIU, HENGRUI (Henry) I 刘恒容,Nl, JIAHAO (Leo) I 倪嘉昊,WAN,     ZUOXIANG (Alex) I 万左向,YAN, BEIYI (Lisa)丨严贝怡,YUAN, MIAOLIN (Jingjing)丨元妙琳

工作人员 CREW

Director(导演): Ms. Pamela Schmunk

Lighting/Sound/Technical Support(灯光、音响、技术支持): Mr. Michael, Mr. Neal, Mr. Eric, Mr. Tom, Mr. Beairsto and Mr. Greg

Makeup Artist(化妆): Ms. Josmarlen and Ms. Kathryn

Running Crew(运行): Ms. Ashley and Mr. Damian

Munchkin Wranglers(蒙奇金牧人):Ms. Maria and Ms. Maddie

Dance Choreographers and Instructors(编舞指导): Ms. Lynne Wang, Joaquina Wilson 卫传乐, LIANG,KEJIA (Kiki) | 梁珂佳, YU, CHENLU (Jasmine) | 余晨露, DU, YIBEILE (Victoria) | 杜懿贝勒,JIANG, JING (Daisy) | 蒋竞, LI, YANYA (Lydia) | 李焱雅, WANG, XUANZHEN (Dean) | 王璇榛, CUI, WEIZHEN (Sophia) | 崔洧溱, Betty Fan Lin (林帆)

Script Translations(脚本翻译): Ms. Vivian Wang and Ms. Lynne Wang

Props(道具): Grade 8 and Grade 7 Drama students, Ms. Kathryn, Ms Ashley, Mr. Damian (cart)Ms Hart (bicycle) Mrs Wang, Mr. Greg (crystal ball).

Costumes(服装): Mrs. Wang (Tailor)

Set Pieces(布景): Thanks to local artist Mr Zhang for construction of the set pieces. Mr. Beairsto,Ms. Ashley, Ms. Victoria, Ms. Kathryn, Mr. Damien, Mr. Honig, Mr and Mrs Chen from Snow Rock Community.

By Kelly Zhao

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